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 CALL: (360) 908-8947

Save Money By Upgrading to a SoftMax™ Pro Water Softener

In many cases, a SoftMax™ Pro water softener can pay for itself in savings—all while improving water quality throughout your entire home.

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People who upgrade to a SoftMax™ Pro water softener can save up to 46% in operating costs. Fill out this short form to find out how much you can save!
Which of the following water softener benefits are you most interested in?
Longer-Lasting Appliances
Softer, Brighter Clothes
Saving Money On My Utility Bills
Getting Rid of Hard Water Buildup
Better-Looking Skin & Hair
Cleaner Dishes, Sinks, & Faucets
Longer-Lasting Pipes
Silky Smooth Skin
Softened water helps maintain the natural balance of your skin, keeping it smooth, silky and soft - the way it is meant to be.
Long Lasting Appliances
Extend the life-span of your appliances and all of your kitchen & bathroom fixtures throughout your home.
Cheaper Bills
Use 50% less cleaning products and save 12% on your energy bills. You will also save on appliances repair costs.

The soft water you’ll get from a SoftMax™ Pro water softener can…

  • Reduce your monthly hot water bills by up to 30%
  • Protect your plumbing & keep your water pressure strong ​
  • ​Increase the lifespan of all your water-using appliances
  • Prevent streaks & stains in your glasses and bathroom fixtures
  • ​Give you better-looking skin and softer, more manageable hair
  • ​Keep your clothes & towels looking brighter and feeling softer
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